Special Needs Trusts

“Special Needs Trusts allow the disabled person to maintain their government benefits. The trusts also improve the quality of life of the disabled person both with their funds and those contributed by others,” says Catherine Davey, Attorney at Law. To find out more about special needs trusts including self-funded special needs trusts, third party-funded special needs trusts, pooled trusts, and Qualified Income “Miller” Trusts click here.

The Special Needs Trusts FAQs answers some of the most common questions such as those listed below:

What is a special needs trust?
What is a self-funded special needs trust?
What is a third party-funded special needs trust?
What is a pooled trust?
What is a Qualified Income “Miller” Trust?

Other Important Information

42 USC 1396p (d)– This is the statute that provides for and controls the creation of special needs trusts.

SSA’s publication: Spotlight on Trusts

Guidelines for Reviewing Trusts for the Disabled