Medicaid Estate Recovery Lien Resolution

In all probates where the decedent died after the age of 55 and was on Medicaid during their lifetime, Medicaid has the right to file a claim against the estate to be paid from the non-exempt assets of the estate. That claim will be for all expenses paid by Medicaid after age 55.

However, there are several state/federal defenses to those claims. Having represented AHCA and filed those claims in estates, Attorney Catherine Davey is well-versed in managing these issues and possibly reducing them or sometimes having them withdrawn.

Attorney Davey is called to assist the personal representative or an attorney representing the estate when Medicaid has filed a statement of claim in an estate. After a review of the claim, the estate documents, and pleadings, Attorney Davey can determine if she can assist in the matter.

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Catherine E. Davey