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Guardian Advocacy

Guardian Advocacy in Florida

Florida Guardian Advocacy is a legal process that gives third parties certain legal rights over friends or family over 18 who suffer from a developmental disability that needs help to manage everyday decision-making and life skills.

Florida Guardian Advocacy Legislation

Florida courts will appoint a Guardian Advocate for people over the age of 18 who show the inability to make important decisions about their well-being. People deemed unable to care for themselves and their personal property have a Guardian Advocate appointed to help them make these decisions—without the declaration of developmentally disabled.

Florida judges appoint Guardian Advocates who meet the criteria to provide daily living support for people who the courts and medical professionals have declared developmentally disabled with an intellectual disability, like Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, or Down’s Syndrome.

People in this status must also have a record that medical professionals and legal advocates expect their disability to last beyond 18 or indefinitely.

The power and duties of Florida Guardian Advocates include offering advice, decision-making help, and support in the areas of medical, mental health, personal care, and residential decisions.

Florida Guardian Advocacy Cases – Guardian Requirements

Persons petitioning the court for guardianship in Florida must be residents of the State of Florida and meet other specific requirements.

Why You Need an Assistance from an Attorney

People seeking to become Guardian Advocates and those requesting to have a Guardian Advocate legally appointed by the State of Florida need to make their requests to a judge in court.

Filing a petition in court can be an overwhelming experience for people who don’t understand how the Florida court system works. Complicated legal jargon can also confuse people unfamiliar with the Florida court system.

An experienced Guardian Advocacy attorney can help petitioners understand the legal process required to file for guardianship and their legal rights. Florida attorneys at Davey Law Group, P.A. can also speak on their behalf in court. Call us now.

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