Low Down on Law

Low Down on Law is a program that Catherine conceived, designed, and implemented as a service to families of those with special needs. The program seeks to educate families about the law and help them to navigate the legal system so they can advocate on behalf of their families. The Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida and the Davey Law Group, P.A. co-present Low Down on Law events twice a year at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Maitland, Florida.

During the past Low Down on Law events, the focus has been on providing information for families who have members with special needs and are discerning a guardianship, guardian advocacy, supported decision making and substituted decision making for their child either now or shortly. By attending this session, families can potentially save money in legal fees when they have the information they need to make the best decision for their family members. The program has also educated families about ABLE, Social Security Benefits, Transistion Planning, and Medicaid Estate Recovery.

At each past event, nearly 100 family members attended learning about the law and the requirements for those with special needs. One attendee said, “Thank you for this informative time. I learned so much, things I did not even know.” The agendas for the events are full of needed information, including presentations from local judges, and during the lunches, local attorneys volunteer their time to conduct roundtable discussions on topics such as estate planning, special needs trusts, social security benefits, and probate.

The event is open to any family member caring for someone with intellectual or developmental disabilities, and the low registration fee covers the cost of food and beverage.

Guardian Advocacy Information and Resources for Caregivers

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